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HELLO, fellow followers! BIG NEWS - The first ever TAYLOR SWIFT MUSICAL is being produced at my college!  

"It’s A Love Story: A Taylor Swift Musical"

"It’s A Love Story is a fun, light-hearted original musical about finding yourself in high school told through the music of Taylor Swift."

Written by Dale Murphy and Directed by Tyler Conroy!

I have had the honor to be casted as one of the lead characters, going by the name of “Katie!” She is popular, mean, jealous and obsessed with being the best at everything. Katie is dating Taylor (lead male) because he’s popular, not because they have anything at all in common. She is very jealous of Bailey, who is Taylor’s best friend, (lead female) so is the most mean to her.

Swifties, you do not want to miss this and you don’t have to! There will be a LIVE STREAM of the musical on May 9th! 

Spread the word! The cast has been working so hard, and it’s coming out to be incredible! We’d love to be recognized by Taylor Swift herself! 

For more information on this and the show as a whole, head on over to the “It’s A Love Story” Musical TUMBLR PAGE: 


Please, please, please check it out to learn more about it, and thank you so much! <3 

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